Happy Peaceter!

Happy Peaceter, everyone! We are celebrating peace, love and pretty eggs for all!


Free! Print Your Own Awesome Valentine's Day Cards

Download and print our awesome Valentine's Day cards and impress your honey! Perfect for everyone. Share with friends, family, neighbors, and enemies! It's free and easy to show your love!

Please Be Kind To Our Old Dogs (and Humans)

This is a thing, you guys. Folks with senior pets often endure unkind comments—well-meaning or not—from strangers. Instead of focusing on how old our dogs are, it'd make our day if you could toss up a kind word to cheer us on. We know our dogs are old, and we are doing our best to enjoy the twilight years together to the fullest. Thanks!

Co-Captain Puck

Does this scene look familiar to you guys? Well, Puck has taken after her big brother, Guus, and is learning to be a good co-captain for her humans!

Sunny Side Up (Chihuahua Style)

How would you like your eggs? Never mind—it doesn't matter, because sunny side up is all you get at the Chihuahua Diner.

Bernese Mountain Co-Pilot

Who needs a map with a dog co-pilot? The dog radio is tuned to the Door Bell Sound Free Channel, and the nose always points us towards the best food stops along the way.


Moms are Magic!

Mother's Day is coming up, but moms are magic all the time! Thank you, moms!