Please Be Kind To Our Old Dogs (and Humans)

Please Be Kind To Us — We Know We’re Old

On behalf of all old dogs and their humans, Nananimals is making a plea to be kind. As MP got a little gray, and especially as her arthritis progressed, people haven’t stopped saying things like:

“What’s wrong with your dog?” (Nothing. What’s wrong with you?)
“Do you know that he’s limping?” (Really??? I didn’t. Also, she, thanks.)
“Have you thought of putting it down?” (…NO WORDS…)
“Must be old! Look how gray!” (You must be old! Look how bald!)
“She has cataracts!” (No, nuclear sclerosis; you have halitosis.)

…there’s lots more, lots worse.

I’m hoping that this little poster will remind people to be kind—especially to our twilight fuzzies and their humans. There are a few “conditions” represented in the graphic, but it’s mostly about old dogs. They deserve our cheer. Really.

Please share this with your friends, and please say something nice when you see an old-timer. I know that I remember and treasure each sweet comment from a stranger about MP! A simple “She’s GORGEOUS!” from a stranger who saw us gimping down a gentle hill completely made my day—for weeks—and these kids who loved how soft her ears are help me expunge the mean stuff. So, thanks for the kind words and smiles, and I know that your senior dog is AWESOME! 🙂

Also, here’s a great article in BARK magazine from a while back. The author says it so much better than I can, but if anyone would like to read a longer (read: rant) about this whole thing, please visit my dog food+ blog, the Countersurfer!

🙂 Please share our little reminder to “Be Kind” with all your dog friends! 🙂

Click here to download the printable PDF:
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