Happy Peaceter!

Happy Peaceter, everyone! We are celebrating peace, love and pretty eggs for all!


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Almost Home

*Hugest sigh.* Cow totally knew that she was pushing it with the single bag, but she really didn't want to waste by double-bagging and thought that it would last her trip home Her big canvas bags


Best in the Business

If you're looking for eyewear—especially sunglasses—you have to go to Mole's 9th generation glasses shoppe. They carry exclusive lines that you won't see anywhere else, and really, it's the lenses.


Hambone Can't Reach

It's hard for hambone to reach the high stuff. It was so much easier when she had a roommate, but living alone is *so* worth it. She's pretty sure there's a good ladder stashed away in the garage some place.


Ice Cream Hero

This could've been a really bad day for the Skunk kid. Ice cream hero saves the day and warms the world with her woolen karma.

Locked Out

"Locked out of the car with fresh fish and ice cream."

This never happens when you're not in a hurry and only bought some gum, unless it's in the middle of a storm.


Bear Dream

Best dreams are about favorite foods! Bear dreams of apples, blueberries, and honey. I dream of rice and pickled plums.

Swim Meet (Cat DQs)

Well, we all knew this was a swim meet, and most of us know that it involves swimming, which means that you get wet. Cat has been DQ-ed.


Synchronized Intimidation

We are here at Regionals, and Bears are up next.

Rainy Day Party

Well, it's raining again. That means everyone heads over to Giraffe's for a little pitter patter party.