Happy Peaceter!

Happy Peaceter, everyone! We are celebrating peace, love and pretty eggs for all!


Free! Print Your Own Awesome Valentine's Day Cards

Download and print our awesome Valentine's Day cards and impress your honey! Perfect for everyone. Share with friends, family, neighbors, and enemies! It's free and easy to show your love!

Black Panther Friend!

Some days just sneak up on you like this Panther Friend! :) 

Japanese Crane Likes Red Dots

Japanese Crane Friend! Favorite Food: red circles. 🔴 Favorite Place to Visit: phone booths. ☎️ Favorite Sound: peeling off stickers. 💌 :)

Fox fun in the snow!

Whee! Boink, boink, dive! 😁 Deep snow makes everything fun, even when you’re just walking around! ❄️

Never too late for a sloth!

Yesterday was World Sloth Day—so, just in sloth time, here’s a happy friend hanging from a nice tree!

Sun your buns!

It’s fun to sun your buns! Do you see a tiny friend who joined in? :)

Wooper Looper (Axolotl) says, “BYE !” to 2017!

Wooper Looper (Axolotl) says, “BYE !” to 2017!  Favorite Food: The number seven.  Favorite Place to Visit: Car dealerships.  Favorite Sound: When air is let out of balloons. 
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Rooster, Love Booster!

Happy New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, Love Booster! The world could always use some extra <3 boost—sing it loud and spread the love, friends!

Please Be Kind To Our Old Dogs (and Humans)

This is a thing, you guys. Folks with senior pets often endure unkind comments—well-meaning or not—from strangers. Instead of focusing on how old our dogs are, it'd make our day if you could toss up a kind word to cheer us on. We know our dogs are old, and we are doing our best to enjoy the twilight years together to the fullest. Thanks!
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Hippo Dance! Love & Peace!

Love always wins! Keep dancing, everyone!

Too Hot for Paws! Summer Pet Safety Graphic

Summer Pet Safety Alert! It's hot out, humans! Don't guess the temp—feel the ground with your hands/feet frequently to protect your pets' paws from scorching!