Happy Peaceter!

Happy Peaceter, everyone! We are celebrating peace, love and pretty eggs for all!


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Sunny Side Up (Chihuahua Style)

How would you like your eggs? Never mind—it doesn't matter, because sunny side up is all you get at the Chihuahua Diner.

He's Taking Your Calls

Ring, ring! Call the pink phone for the best advice you can get! Toll free, because dogs don't charge for this kind of thing.

Twelve Legs and a Horse Shoe

You could never be bored, go hungry, or fall into a well with these three around you!


School Spirit and Snacks

This is the elusive P-Retz of Bryn Mawr. Many have heard him, but the sightings are rare because he and his handlers are very fast.

Co-Captain Guus

You can't get stressed out while looking at this picture. It's a perfect day on the water with a super doggie co-captain, and he even has a little flower for you.

Stretch Bow (Pre-workout)

On her free time (and when no one is looking), P-chan likes to go around lifting weights, flinging herself off of twisty acrobatic things, and lifting a ton of weights.

Bernese Mountain Co-Pilot

Who needs a map with a dog co-pilot? The dog radio is tuned to the Door Bell Sound Free Channel, and the nose always points us towards the best food stops along the way.

Basenji Band

Mina and Sigmund rock out. (Any minute, now.)



Here's Alex the Border Collie-ish extraordinaire with the best dipped ears and fast-striped nose in town!