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Black Panther Friend!

Some days just sneak up on you like this Panther Friend! 🙂 

Japanese Crane Likes Red Dots

Japanese Crane Friend! Favorite Food: red circles. ? Favorite Place to Visit: phone booths. ☎️ Favorite Sound: peeling off stickers. ? 🙂

Fox fun in the snow!

Whee! Boink, boink, dive! ? Deep snow makes everything fun, even when you’re just walking around! ❄️

Never too late for a sloth!

Yesterday was World Sloth Day—so, just in sloth time, here’s a happy friend hanging from a nice tree!

Sun your buns!

It’s fun to sun your buns! Do you see a tiny friend who joined in? 🙂

Wooper Looper (Axolotl) says, “BYE !” to 2017!

Wooper Looper (Axolotl) says, “BYE !” to 2017!  Favorite Food: The number seven.  Favorite Place to Visit: Car dealerships.  Favorite Sound: When air is let out of balloons. 
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Rooster, Love Booster!

Happy New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, Love Booster! The world could always use some extra <3 boost—sing it loud and spread the love, friends!

Please Be Kind To Our Old Dogs (and Humans)

This is a thing, you guys. Folks with senior pets often endure unkind comments—well-meaning or not—from strangers. Instead of focusing on how old our dogs are, it'd make our day if you could toss up a kind word to cheer us on. We know our dogs are old, and we are doing our best to enjoy the twilight years together to the fullest. Thanks!
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Hippo Dance! Love & Peace!

Love always wins! Keep dancing, everyone!

Too Hot for Paws! Summer Pet Safety Graphic

Summer Pet Safety Alert! It's hot out, humans! Don't guess the temp—feel the ground with your hands/feet frequently to protect your pets' paws from scorching!

Cat Drummer

Have you ever wondered what kitties do when they're meditating about taking over the world? Some knead your face, some push coffee mugs off the counter; this one, she drums. Her brother, Edgrrr, is an accomplished singer, but has been ordered by Baby to learn the bass.

Lucy and Beach Friends

This Collie can make friends with everyone! Just hanging out with starfish and clam before heading out to save a child who fell into a well in a bit.

Black Lab Ball Love (It's reflex!)

Labs having a ball is pretty much like reflex! Hurry up and throw it, please!

Co-Captain Puck

Does this scene look familiar to you guys? Well, Puck has taken after her big brother, Guus, and is learning to be a good co-captain for her humans!

Iris Listens to Records

Iris's humans are super musician-artists! She prefers vinyl over other formats because she is serious about that warm sound.

Baby Romeo

Baby Romeo was very small for about two minutes, and he grew into a very sweet Big Romeo.

The Cat's in the Paper

Wait, is that...Holy moly. Scout's in the paper (wearing glasses!) for some kind of advocacy work for the city's under-represented mice, and Bella only found out by reading the local paper. What? Nothing makes sense anymore, so the chase is on!

Roscoe Ate All the Apples

Roscoe doesn't really leave the stem and core when he eats his apples that fell from his tree, and he definitely eats more than just a couple at a time.

The Super Nimble Brindle Terrier

His name is Edgrrr, and he is about to go on a treasure hunt expedition. He's *verrry* excited!

Time for the Seventh Inning Stretch

Baseball-dog fans rejoice! It's a historic showdown at Liver-n-Cheese Field in Chicago!

Sunny Side Up (Chihuahua Style)

How would you like your eggs? Never mind—it doesn't matter, because sunny side up is all you get at the Chihuahua Diner.

He's Taking Your Calls

Ring, ring! Call the pink phone for the best advice you can get! Toll free, because dogs don't charge for this kind of thing.

Twelve Legs and a Horse Shoe

You could never be bored, go hungry, or fall into a well with these three around you!


School Spirit and Snacks

This is the elusive P-Retz of Bryn Mawr. Many have heard him, but the sightings are rare because he and his handlers are very fast.

Co-Captain Guus

You can't get stressed out while looking at this picture. It's a perfect day on the water with a super doggie co-captain, and he even has a little flower for you.

Stretch Bow (Pre-workout)

On her free time (and when no one is looking), P-chan likes to go around lifting weights, flinging herself off of twisty acrobatic things, and lifting a ton of weights.

Bernese Mountain Co-Pilot

Who needs a map with a dog co-pilot? The dog radio is tuned to the Door Bell Sound Free Channel, and the nose always points us towards the best food stops along the way.

Basenji Band

Mina and Sigmund rock out. (Any minute, now.)


Moms are Magic!

Mother's Day is coming up, but moms are magic all the time! Thank you, moms!

Happy Peaceter!

Happy Peaceter, everyone! We are celebrating peace, love and pretty eggs for all!



Here's Alex the Border Collie-ish extraordinaire with the best dipped ears and fast-striped nose in town!


Free! Print Your Own Awesome Valentine's Day Cards

Download and print our awesome Valentine's Day cards and impress your honey! Perfect for everyone. Share with friends, family, neighbors, and enemies! It's free and easy to show your love!


Can't Let Down Porcupine

Can't! Just can*not* let down sweet baby Porcupine! It's not going so well, but Beagle will not be giving up anytime soon.


Everyone Loves to Ski

Living in Minnesota, you just kind of learn to enjoy winter sports, or it pretty much sucks for about half of the year.


Always Follow Instructions

Always follow directions, especially when building a robot! Otherwise, you may end up with an extra screw.


Too Late for Penguin

Uh, oh. It's too late for Penguin.


Not Even Close

Chippy is very excited for the arrival of their brand new teal fridge. What he didn't do is measure his door. Dog Team wasn't born yesterday and knows that there's just no way


Hole in Your Pants (I can see your butt)

Chippy just can't fathom why anyone would rip a raggedy hole in his pants, so she's frantically gesturing to Mouse to let him know that nearly his whole butt is showing.


Garbage Day

Despite how it looks, Turtle Team is actually making really good time.


Dragon Yay!

Dragon was very, very psyched to be the animal of the year in 2012: his is his official portrait of the occasion.


Domino Toppling Competition

Just one piece and a few seconds left to complete the carrot masterpiece at this annual domino toppling competition.

Cleaning Crew

Cleaning Crew is the most sought-after triple-threat crew in town. As you can see, each member has distinct specialties that makes them indispensable.

Art Class

Animal Art Class! Anything goes! There is no wrong in art, and you can see how everyone is interpreting and expressing the model and the scene very differently.


Almost Home

*Hugest sigh.* Cow totally knew that she was pushing it with the single bag, but she really didn't want to waste by double-bagging and thought that it would last her trip home Her big canvas bags


Best in the Business

If you're looking for eyewear—especially sunglasses—you have to go to Mole's 9th generation glasses shoppe. They carry exclusive lines that you won't see anywhere else, and really, it's the lenses.


Hambone Can't Reach

It's hard for hambone to reach the high stuff. It was so much easier when she had a roommate, but living alone is *so* worth it. She's pretty sure there's a good ladder stashed away in the garage some place.


Ice Cream Hero

This could've been a really bad day for the Skunk kid. Ice cream hero saves the day and warms the world with her woolen karma.

Locked Out

"Locked out of the car with fresh fish and ice cream."

This never happens when you're not in a hurry and only bought some gum, unless it's in the middle of a storm.


Animals "I love you!"

From all the Nananimals: Weasel strikes the "I" form • Birds carry the heart • Moose does his best "Y" shape • Bunnies makes the "O" • Yoga Cat holds the "U"


Bear Dream

Best dreams are about favorite foods! Bear dreams of apples, blueberries, and honey. I dream of rice and pickled plums.

"Perfect Match" And, Happy Year of the Snake!

Happy Year of the Snake! May it be filled with love, like these two snakes who just found each other with bellies full of heart.


Nut & Seed Sale

Check out all the nuts and seeds! This annual blowout sale is one of Squirrel kids' favorite days, ever. Instead of the "irregulars" we usually get, we're springing for some perfectly whole nuts today.

Swim Meet (Cat DQs)

Well, we all knew this was a swim meet, and most of us know that it involves swimming, which means that you get wet. Cat has been DQ-ed.


Synchronized Intimidation

We are here at Regionals, and Bears are up next.

Rainy Day Party

Well, it's raining again. That means everyone heads over to Giraffe's for a little pitter patter party.

— Testimonials! —

(Animals don’t lie!)

Hello everyone~~~~I’m so grateful to be a part of this special social performance art piece. Love to my community. ~~Namaste~~

CatYoga instructor & master gardener

Loooooove how this turned out. My friend’s kids look super cute with their cheese sleds, too. Yay!


This was a great session with Camel. I had some experience with pottery (I’m a pastry chef, so I like working with clay!) but this was my first time painting. I sort of unleashed my abstract side!

SnakeFreelance pastry chef

The artist was amazing! She was able to get my antlers just right. I like how she did my arms, too. Thanks!!

MooseGeothermal contractor

Hi Everyone! I’m the baby Porcupine in this picture. I’m now three and five months and nine days, and am so happy that you captured this moment when I was just one year old. Beagle uncle doesn’t get online much, but I’m going to have my mom send him the link to our picture. He’d love to see it!

PorcupineAge 3 (and 5 months and nine days)

Hi, Rabbit here. I used to live in Colorado and mountains are dear to my heart. When I saw the model, that’s all I could see. I knew it was going to be a special session when I had a bite of my mushroom stool.

RabbitBioethicist at University of Polenta

Hi, I’m selling the matching ski suit and gear I’m wearing in this picture. I recently upgraded to a set up with faster stripes and no longer need this set. Everything is in near-new condition. Original value: Quarter pound of cheese, very nice old sock, 1 rope toy (new), fish (for rolling). Selling for a full container of organic peanut butter and five tennis balls, or your best offer.

Ski Dog
Ski DogChemist

Since retiring in 2008, I’ve been dabbling in a lot of creative outlets to get out of the house. I enjoy the outdoors as well (particularly birdwatching), so this little outing was a real treat. (And, as you can see, I was the best in the class.)

CatReluctant owner of two humans

I’m thrilled that my 9th generation eyewear boutique was featured in this very important documentation of our community. It is wonderful to know that our commitment to superior products and services is being acknowledged. Thank you, Nananimals!

MoleOwner of Mole Underground Eyewear

Oh my god, that mouse was the worst. He seriously thought that I was encouraging him. NOPE.

Lady Chippy
Lady ChippyHat designer

I just want everyone to know that I usually wear pants, even around the house.

HamboneER nurse

In case anyone is wondering, I ended up paying the locksmith $155 (!!!!) instead of breaking my door. This car is costing me a paw and a tail.

CatEvent planner

This happens to everyone, so I’m not sure why it had to be me in this picture. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten some traction for my new auto-detailing business from this picture, so I guess it’s kinda true about no publicity being bad publicity. Even the ones that happen while your pants are down.

PenguinOwner of No Fly Auto Detailers