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Nana & Maisy Pancakes Dance!

Hi! My name is Nana, and I draw all kinds of animals being awesome doing everyday things—whether it’s a dog waiting for a call or a penguin running out of toilet paper, or even a family of chippies happening upon a great sale—we can all relate, right?

Since the Nananimals are really committed to spreading the love, I’ve included free download links for images that I’ve sized and drawn for Facebook profile and cover pictures. Go ahead and use and share ’em for personal use, but only those images with the free download link, please! Pin them to your Pinterest board, share with everyone on your aunt’s joke email list. Whatever you decide to do with my art, please always leave the credit line intact and add one when you can. (Like this: © Nana Nishigaki | NANANIMALS.com) Thank you!

Another way we share the fun is by leaving stacks of cool postcards around town. Twin Cities folks can find them at places like our superduper vet clinic, co-ops, and more! If you’d like a surprise snail mail postcard from us, send me your address using the form below.

(Your privacy is totally safe with us because the animals eat them for extra safety. We will never sell or share your information!)

We also have neat Nananimals goods for sale. The shirts come from a company called Spreadshirt, and everything else is made by CafePress. I would’ve liked to keep it all in one place, but Spreadshirt has much nicer shirts for much cheaper, and CafePress does everything else better. The prices are very reasonable—even *I* would buy them! Just like my other art site, a portion of the sales will go to animal rescues!

Do you want to commission a drawing of your dog or pet (or human!)? Do you want to complain about the underrepresentation of koalas in Nananimals? Please use the form below and send me a note!

PS: Oh, and I have some other websites. Please check them out!:
Countersurfer.com (my homemade dog food blog)
BNDH.com (my design firm)


Do you want a very special drawing of your pet or favorite animal? (Yes, yes, yes!) Commissions make perfect gifts, too! In fact, most of my commissions are gifts for someone special, and sometimes for memorials, too. It fills up my heart to draw animals knowing that they are so, so dear to someone. You can be sure that I put all the love and care into my drawings!

Here are the details:

Price:What you get:


What to do:
The wait:

$110 for one animal • $200 for two • $270 for threeOne 5″ x 5″ or 5″ x 7″ print (mats available) & digital file

A free set up for shirts and other things (totes, mugs, cards, etc.) with your very own picture! Just like my other Nananimals gear.

Send me photos of your pet, with special instructions or preferences you may have. You can use the form below, or email me. After receiving your payment via check or Paypal, I’ll get started!

I typically ask for about a 2 week turnaround to be safe. I can often swing a Procrastinator’s Express Schedule, so let me know!



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