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Please Be Kind To Our Old Dogs (and Humans)

This is a thing, you guys. Folks with senior pets often endure unkind comments—well-meaning or not—from strangers. Instead of focusing on how old our dogs are, it'd make our day if you could toss up a kind word to cheer us on. We know our dogs are old, and we are doing our best to enjoy the twilight years together to the fullest. Thanks!

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Hippo Dance!

Hippo Dance! Love & Peace!

Love always wins! Keep dancing, everyone!

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Hot Pavement Pet Safety

Too Hot for Paws! Summer Pet Safety Graphic

Summer Pet Safety Alert! It's hot out, humans! Don't guess the temp—feel the ground with your hands/feet frequently to protect your pets' paws from scorching!

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Testimonials & Updates!

This was a great session with Camel. I had some experience with pottery (I'm a pastry chef, so I like working with clay!) but this was my first time painting. I sort of unleashed my abstract side!

Snake, freelance pastry chef